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The core to PiknPak is to provide its client a user friendly system that not only manages and help the e commerce activities but may also efficiently contribute towards overall business growth This ERP system is ideal for fashion brands, marketplace, retail and business to business segments dealing with a high volume of orders.

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Client can’t say no too

We not only have streamline and automate the entire process but has successfully developed a screen for people at support. So at any stage during order process your support staff can update customers even its order state i.e. cancellation which will be done with ease making you and your customer save from the entire return process.
This special tool is developed so that system can sort all reverse logistics for its required action .This tool has been designed with A.I features so that our research team will closely monitor the patterns and behaviors of your return and will share feedback and guidelines on a quarterly basis or based upon your sales or new launches to minimize overall return ratios.
This has been designed especially for financial and marketing needs. The system allows you to run and extract any sort of report based on filters, date and time you want to set and develop your own reporting patterns instead of providing you standard reporting filters. So now simply set the filter as per your choice hit to run report and you have it all.
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Relevant actions

The support screen also allows logging customer complaints related to dispatches Dianabol Transformation so that the relevant action can be taken and come the complaint resolved. The support screen allows us to bring your support team on board to know the overall the domains are interconnected

The domains are interconnected
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