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Our therapists go through extensive diversity training to respect and embrace the religious views and beliefs of any person we help. Please be sure to bring this up with your therapist during your consultation call so they can consider your faith while supporting you. You won’t be able to respond directly to other participants; however, your therapist will be there if you need additional support. Sign up today and be talking to your therapist within a week.

Hear from the personal experiences of our community and how they’ve found new directions. Meru Health’s program validated by clinical research and published in peer-reviewed journals, has partnered with Harvard, Stanford Medicine, and UC Davis to bring you top-notch mental health support. Harnessing biofeedback and heart rate variability (HRV) with a wearable device, participants track their stress responses to unlock powerful insights about their health and wellbeing.


The user will also be connected to a peer support group and will be put in touch with a psychiatrist. The costs of Talkspace depend on the location of the user and also the type of plant that they are opting for. The platform offers mainly three types of therapy plans in which the Unlimited Messaging Therapy Plus plan is the cheapest while the Unlimited Messaging Therapy Ultimate plan is most expensive. Another superb thing about Meru Health is that it provides nutrition and dietary advice particularly aimed at good mental health. Our moods can often change according to the food we eat and are particularly dependent on gut health. The nutrition advice available in the Meru Health program is aimed to be long-lasting and thus can become a permanent healthy habit.

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This can be highly convenient for those who have very busy schedules which make it difficult for therapy. Talkspace not only provides therapy services but also psychiatry services for its users. Psychiatry is necessary for those do you have to depreciate rental property who live with mental health conditions like severe depression and schizophrenia that require medications or drugs for the management of symptoms. The psychiatry services of Talkspace are also eligible for insurance coverage.

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Recognizing and dealing with my own feelings was new and scary, but rewarding and helping me move forward in life. Understanding your own values and self-compassion was also a valuable part of the program. You don’t have to be physically anywhere, at a certain time, but you can do exercises and communicate the therapist the rhythm of your life.

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This can be great for anyone who feels like they need constant support and guidance throughout the course of their recovery to better mental health. Talkspace can be great for anyone who is seeking mental health care over which they can have more ownership. The platform gives the reins to the user completely and they can decide when they want therapy and in what format they would like the therapy in. Talkspace can also be superb for those who require a combination of therapy as well as psychiatry services. Meru Health not only offers therapy services but also provides psychiatry consultations.

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This means that the user is clearly aware of what they are getting into and when the program will start and end. This makes the mental health care process itself more effective as the user is goal-oriented and highly driven. Talkspace has an amazing sleep program to offer for its users.

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Meru Health’s therapist-led, continuous-care approach is both personalized and more flexible than standard mental health care. To sign up for the Meru mental health program, users can go to the website and click on the ‘Sign up’ option. In the first page, you will need to provide your name, your email address, your phone number and your date of birth. You will also need to mention your location at which you will be residing for the next three months. The intervention program has been designed with a holistic approach in mind and thus not only aims at the mind alone but other aspects like diet and exercise as well. Through Meru Health, many individuals and organizations have experienced an improvement in mental health as well as mental performance.

I’ve learned to pull myself out of thinking traps that normally would have caused me to spiral and end up not being able to get out of bed for days. The HRVB is also great for learning to self regulate and I still use it daily. I started with Meru on a project which led to a long-term contract. “This person is expecting us to give 11 months of work for free with a cost of 1 Month”we must clarify that your request for 11 months of bookkeeping services for the price of 1 month was unrealistic and not aligned with our standard practices.

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